IKS Automation, although it is new born, is a five year firm with work experience and qualification. We have a dynamic and young team and aim to lead the sectoral standards with professional approaches and to meet the expectations and satisfaction of our customers completely.


Hope to meet you.


As IKSYAPI company, we are always aware that our most important reference is our customers, and therefore we are customer oriented.

The references and recommendations of our satisfied customers often form new successful collaborations. Therefore, our satisfied customers are our best reference.


Our company, which manufactures automatic door and loading systems, develops high quality and high value added products with advanced technology, suitable for customer needs in industrial production sectors.

Our production and product range increase our capacity.

Providing continuity of planning and implementation of our services. To be a long term supplier for our customers with quality products and expert staff.

To produce all the products we offer to our customers, offer them at reasonable prices and deliver them in the fastest way possible.


  • Automatic door and loading systems to maintain leadership and leadership in every aspect of the sector,
  • Following the technological developments, to provide services to our customers with developing technology,
  • To improve our business processes in order to ensure customer satisfaction,
  • Working to make our work error-free the first time,
  • To ensure the establishment and execution of all necessary processes in order to provide fast, safe, comfortable, timely and uninterrupted service.