The speed of the vertical folding pvc fabric and the opening/closing automatism allow a continuous and quick use of the passage, avoiding expensive thermal exchanges between inside and outside.

Stong wind resistance. The Pvc fabric is reinforced with metallic bars put into the horizontal compartments of the doors, to contrast wind force, above all in the case of doors with big dimensions. These reinforcements function also as protection for workers and goods in case of breaking due to wrong or accidental manoeuvrings. 

High-speed roller doors are offered in many different versions, providing individual and customized system solutions for nearly every application requirements. All high-speed roller doors are produced in a largely maintenance free modular construction.

Radar sensor:

It automatically opens the door when it detects any moving object. This system can be made single and double sided (internal and external).

Metal mass sensor:

It is only for metal detection, which generally allows the driver to pass through any distraction and without slowing down the speed of the vehicle during the passage of fort lifts and similar vehicles. This system can be made single and double sided (internal and external).

Remote control:

We can provide control of the door by distance of 50 meters or so. This allows the designated personnel to pass through the desired door.

Switch system with rope:

The fort lift driver approaches the ip swich system and pulls the rope to open the door. Thanks to the rope placed about 2 mt away from the door, the automatic door closes after the completion of the trade. This system can be made as single and double sided (inside and outside).

Standard control unit:

The standard installation is done with a panel consisting of a open door and an emergency button. With the above optional systems, the door can be made more convenient and useful.


In standard, we use a safety photocell, a system that links each other by using infrared light. When the door is closed, it detects the object passing under and it takes the door to the open position without hitting the object.

Pneumatic security system:

This security system, which is used in Pvc fast-rolling doors, is installed in the sub-base system under the door.
The system installed in the rubber wick works by air pressure. When any object under the door touches, the pressure in the air flow causes the system to stop and return to the open position.